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I am a skin care writer for the magazine future female, a model of 2 years for 2 agencies and a long time facial expert for over 10 years, working for the best brands in the industry! I recently opened my own global facial and wellness business. I have recently expanded, helping women and men get healthy from the inside out! What that looks like is helping with issues like celiac disease, anxiety, lack of energy, limiting beliefs and so much more. I realized what you eat, watch and say to yourself impacts your world and your skin. I’ll share recipes from my healthy lifestyle program, anxiety relief tips, skin care information for acne, rosacea and eczema! My goal is to change the face of beauty with my team of soul purposed women and men! I aim to help 1000 people get happy and healthy by March 2020 and love the skin they’re in! From health issues to skin deep issues. I have done a ton of healing in my short time on this earth and I am very lucky to be here sharing my journey with you. I want to use the less glamorous pieces of my life to help others. I’ll expand more on that …. My goal is to inspire you, to live my life while being authentic and true! Making the world a little bit brighter and less fake!

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